Concept, Choreography, Cinematography and Direction: Alex Rosenberg
Music: “Lost” by Zoë Keating
Performers: Elyse Mertz, Cara Stein, Laura De La Garza Noble

Into Terminus (2017)
An Improvised Duet

Performance: Alex Rosenberg and Adriana Santoro
Music:  "Back to the Beginning" and "Dawn of the First Day" by Theophany
Camera Operation: Anthony DeLeon

Intro Terminus was created as part of Zelda Universe's Dance in Zelda video series, and is an improvisational work inspired by the way dance in depicted in The Legend of Zelda video game franchise. 

In Noctis Tenebris (2016)

Choreography and Performance: Alex Rosenberg
Music: "Shadow Dance" by Michael D'Andrea
Lighting Design: Isabella Vergara


Deco (2015)

Choreography: Alex Rosenberg
Music: Music for 18 Musicians "VII. Section V" composed by Steve Reich and arranged by Rough Fields

Performers: Abraham Meisel, Dominique McDyer